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Each year, I oftentimes struggle to get my daughter to excited and complete her summer reading assignments from school in a timely manner. Both to alleviate the stress around the completion of these assignments, which can potentially ruin a wonderful Labor Day weekend, but also to enable her to read deeply, not just skimming the book in order to complete the assignment.

This year, I am trying something new. I bought her the physical book in June, just like I have done every summer in the past. And true to form, whenever I ask her about her progress, I get look and a less than enthusiastic response.

This year I was able to download one of the books for a two week loan period from my public library onto my Kindle., the one she got me for my birthday. Lo and behold, she is now reading the book. As of this morning, she had completed nearly half of the reading and now checking in this afternoon, she has read another large chunk of the book. One of the great advantages of the Kindle, if I load the same book on my iPad, it will ask if I want to advance to where she is so I can track her reading without having to ask.

You wouldn think it would make a difference, reading a physical book or a eReader. But for many in the younger generation, the cool factor of the Kindle may provide a hook to help them get excited about reading. Earlier this year, I bought her a book and she devoured it, when if given the physical book, it may have taken her longer.

Should it matter whether they read a eReader version or a physical book? Isn the purpose to give individuals the choice on how they access the material?

So yes, I just purchased the second book she needs to read for the Kindle. Maybe, just maybe, it will lead to a stress free end of summer.

One of the presentations that I shared at the Laptop Institute was entitled Drinking from the Fire Hose:Rethinking Search and Research in a Digital Age. This was a two year old presentation that I dusted off and updated significantly.

I was concerned that this topic was going to be too simple, too elementary since it was about a topic that all of us and our students do on a daily basis. However, I do know that the scales have been tipped.

No longer are we living in an age where we go to information oases (the library) . Instead, we are dropped into the deep end of the ocean and are asked to swim.

When asked to find out something, searchers, both children and adults will go to a single source, mostly Google, do one query, and accept the first four or five results as the best.

In order to examine this question, I needed to build the background and demonstrate why this was Comprar Levitra relevant Tren-H100 Global Anabolics to all all as digital learners. To do so, I first showed a very old (Internet timeline) video produced in late 2004, the EPIC 2014. This old Flash animation is eerily prophetic in light of the growth of the Internet. Search results are being delivered based upon who you are, where you are, and what type of device you are using. I know that I experience this daily, when switching back and forth between my mobile devices and computer. You structured your instruction in hopes that there would be a greater likelihood that they would arrive where you had hoped.

However, in an environment where results are individualized and tailored to the individual, how do we need to change our curricular design and instruction to betterguarantee that our students find what we hoped that they would find? Find something that will be relevant to their learning journey?

During the rest of the session, I shared both Google Advanced Search features and Custom Search, two tools which can be used to provide the framework and scaffolding to shape and guide new learner journeys into search. These tools, along with online, edited databases can better help a student curate the information in order "Anadrol 50" to help them construct their knowledge.

I believe I was successful, planting seeds to "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" initiate conversations around these topics.

Yesterday, I returned home from my favorite conferences of the year, the Laptop Institute held at the Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis, TN. I had the pleasure of being able to lead two pre conference workshops, both Geeking Out With Google Apps for Ed, and five different conference sessions. My hat goes off to Stewart Crais, Paige Holmes, and the rest of the teachers and staff at Lausanne for allowing us to come into their rooms "Oxandrolone Powder India" for sharing.

Why is this my favorite conference of the year? Great question. One reason that it ranks as one of my highlights of the year is the size of the conference. With 600 attendees, it is large enough for a wide diversity of ideas, but small enough to remainintimate. There is a great mix of both technologists, IT staff, and Testosterone Cypionate Peak teachers. This year being an exception, there has always been a great variety of teachers from international schools as well. The group turns over so that there are always new folks attending.

The organizers also keep the conference informal. Unlike other conferences, where presenters are posturing for attention, I would feel out of place presenting in "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" a shirt and tie. A nice short sleeved dress shirt is better suited for the usually hot and humid weather in Memphis. The friendly nature of this conference begins with a reception and banquet on Sunday and then ends with a party at one of Memphis establishments, with food, drink, and music.

Also, since the move to downtown Memphis, the free time is easier spent. Being able to go to Redbirds Park and catch a game in a beautiful little stadium, going to BB King to catch Will Tucker, the Blues Cafe to catch Dr. Feelgood Potts, and Gary Hardy and the Memphis 2 play at the Blues City Cafe (close your eyes and you would swear you were listening to Johnny Cash) and it makes for great opportunities to catch great baseball and music with both old and new friends.

Over the next few days, I Testosterone Enanthate Keeping Gains will be reflecting on my different sessions. I enjoyed giving them and I think that they were well received.

I look forward to returning again next year. To a new conference. For after the 10th anniversary conference, it was announced that the focus of the conference had changed from the tool (technology) to the learning and the conference would be re branded with a new name. I cannot wait to see what they rename this wonderful conference.